Corporate Management Study Program from he Faculty of Economics Universitas Nasional was established in Septemeber 1964 with the name Corporte Economics Departement in the Faculty of Economics. It was lead by Drs. M. Slamet Saubary (deceased) as the Dean and M. Kamil Tjokroaminoto (deceased) as the Faculty Secretary.

In 1964 – 1983, the Corporate Economy from the Faculty of Ecoomy was taught in various locations from Jl Pegangsaaan Timur on the evenings to Jl Diponegoro after the study hours of the PSKD Highschool. After tht, they moved again in Jl Perwira (Juior Highscool 4). When the Communist party (PKI) rebel happened on 1965, the UNAS students that were part of an organisation called KAMI suceeded in taking over two buildings which were a Chinese School in Jl. Kalilio 1 -19 and Jl. Senen Raya. The building in Jl Senen was then given to Universitas Ibnu Chaldun. In 1966, the building in Jl Kalilio was used as the centre of all Universias Nasionals activities. By then, all teaching activities was also held at Jl Kalilio between 1966 to 1983.

In 1982, UNAS obtaned a building in Jl Sawo Manila, Pejaten, Pasar Minggu, South Jakata. All of acadeic and administration activities moved there including the Fculty of Economics. In 1985, UNAS managed to increase its status from Listed to Recognized. Along with that, the course changed its name to Corporate Management Study Program. The number of students increased, so the faculty started to open morning classes. After that the classes was held morning, non and evening up to now.

The Management Study Program integrity is consistent in facing the challenges in practicing the teaching and study materials. The curiculm is evaluated on a regular basis in order to meet the demands of the society and hopefull create graduates that are able to compete in the job market and even create jobs thrugh entrepreneurship. As a whole, the Management Study Program has produced graduates that is in line with the needs of industries and therefore, has a greater chance in obtaining jobs at various sectors.