Management Study Program Vision

Excell and profesional in the Management field of study in order to intellectualize the nation on a science and technology basis with high dicipline, rigour, creativity and global perspective. The Management Study program also supports the Faculty of Economics vission which is “to create and realize an excellent highe education in the management fields on a national level also international level which is dynamic, progressive and high quality by 2025.

Management Study Program Mission

  1. Create competent graduates ith high integrity and based on Pancasila
  2. Undergo the education and research also community services by implementing the skills that has been gained through teaching to nurture society
  3. Shape high knowledgeable and adaptable gaduates that can adhere to the advancement of science and technology by developing and increasing professional capacity in the management science.
  4. Increase the quality of teaching according to the developmenet of science and technology through continous academic teaching and profession in the fields of management.
  5. Increase the governeance of facilities and infratructure to increase academic activities in the management field that is efective and efficient


  1. Achieve quality education and teaching with graduates that are highly competent in the field of management
  2. Achieve the quantity and quality of research in the development aand advnement of management nd technology as well as in the teaching methods
  3. The achievement of community service activities to apply management science and technology in order to increase community empowerment
  4. The achievement of management economics graduates who have a high ability to adapt to the work environment and changes in the progress of science and technology, to develop and improve their professionalism.
  5. Develop a wide network of partnerships and colaborations n order to advance the lecture skills and materials accordingly.